Georgette Chikankari Kurta with Heavy Embroidery

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1 chikankari kurta


Georgette with chikankari work



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Introducing our exquisite Authentic Chikankari Kurta from Lucknow – a timeless masterpiece crafted with utmost precision and love. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of this traditional world-renowned embroidery style that celebrates the artistry of skilled artisans.

Each thread is intricately woven by hand, ensuring that every stitch carries the essence of true Chikankari craftsmanship. The heavy floral and leaf embroidery adorns the front of the kurta, gracefully running vertically, while the neckline and borders boast dense floral motifs, adding an enchanting touch to its design. The back features delicate and sparse floral embroidery, with a captivating large leaf pattern at the center top, displaying a harmonious balance of elegance and grace.

This masterpiece is meticulously fashioned from premium georgette fabric, which not only accentuates the beauty of the intricate embroidery but also ensures a luxurious and comfortable wearing experience. The lightweight and breathable nature of georgette make it perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a casual day at the office or a grand celebration like a wedding, birthday, or anniversary.

Owning this authentic Chikankari Kurta means bringing home a piece of Lucknow’s cultural heritage and embracing the impeccable craftsmanship that has been perfected over generations. Every detail tells a story, and with this kurta, you become a part of that narrative.

Elevate your style quotient and make a statement with this world-famous embroidered kurta. Immerse yourself in the elegance and charm of Lucknow’s Chikankari, right from the comfort of your home. Order your Authentic Chikankari Kurta today and experience the timeless allure of this exceptional art form.


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